Tudor Arms Pub & Restaurang

A La Carte
 ***The Tudor Arms***

Served daily from 5pm until 9.30pm ... All day Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm

Items marked ***** are available until 10.30pm

Our Steaks
Our Famous Fillet Steak (Oxfilé)  250gm 295:-   
Entrecote Steak 250gm 265:-
Sliced Oxfilé fried in butter 295:-
Minute steak served with chips and bearnaise sauce 199:-

Above served with choice of potatoes, bearnaise sauce or herb butters plus a large mixed salad

Our Specials
Our own Bacon & Cheeseburger served with chips, onion rings, coleslaw and salad 189:-
Our own chicken fillet BBQ baconburger, chips, onion rings, coleslaw and salad 189:-
Our own falafel in pita bread with salsa, greek yoghurt, guacamole, chips and salad 169:-
Homemade Steak and Mushroom Pie with chips and garden peas 179:-
Smoked Salmon with potato gratin, hovmästar sauce and a mixed salad 189:-
Fish and chips (tempura battered cod) served with tartar sauce and garden peas 179:-
Fresh Thai marinated maize chicken breast served on a bed of fried vegetables, with chips and a side salad 189:-

Bar snacks and Sandwiches
Oxfilé on toast with bearnaise sauce and a mixed salad 199:- (with chips 219:-)
Crispy chicken fingers (6) in a basket with BBQ dip 99:- (with chips 119:-)
Our famous Double shrimp sandwich 179:- ( half size 109:- )
Basket of Chips with BBQ sauce and majonnaise dip 69:-
Basket of Onion Rings with a majonnaise dip 69:-

Avocado and Shrimp Salad with Rhode Island Sauce 189:-
Smoked salmon with avocado and hovmästar sauce 189:-
Seafood Salad with Shrimps, Smoked Salmon, Skagenröra and avocado 199:-
All salads are served with toast and butter

Please ask for daily specials .... al 65:-
Irish Coffee.....4cl 99:- ..... 6cl 139:-

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